A Fairy's trip to our Coggeshall Cat Only Clinic!


Fairy, a 9 year old domestic short haired cat, visited us at the Cat Only Clinic which is held at our Coggeshall branch every Tuesday morning from 11am. Each appointment is with one of our Cat Friendly Vets and Cat Friendly Nurses. As this is a new venture we have for now been able to make these double appointments for the same fee as a normal appointment, so we can give each cat time to feel comfortable in the consulting room and with the Cat Friendly team - for the price of a routine consult you get double time and twice the staff! To book an appointment in our Cat Only Clinic please ring our Coggeshall branch on 01376 561667 or 01376 325511 outside of normal branch opening hours. Proof is in the pudding of course so we thought you would like to see how Fairy felt about her trip, so over to you Fairy!

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