Stumpy's success story!


Stumpy was found abandoned before Christmas and was brought into our practice by a member of the public. He was trying to cope with an old fracture that was healing in the wrong position, making it uncomfortable to get around. The decision was made to amputate his leg.....
One of our Veterinary nurses Becky Moore, took him home for a few days after his surgery, as it coincided with Christmas. He needed lots of TLC and nursing care so we could get him ready for a new home in the New Year. Stumpy obviously had other ideas and took up permanent residency in Becky’s home very quickly! As is often the case with stray cats we had no way of identifying who he belonged to, he hadn’t been microchipped, wasn’t wearing a collar and no one had reported him missing. Becky added, ‘Despite missing his right hind leg, Stumpy is still a very lively kitten and gets up to the same amount of mischief a normal kitten would. He’s very confident and loves to run around and play. He gets on well with my 4 year old Cocker Spaniel, Eddie and they often play together too. Once he’s finally used up all his energy I usually find him snuggled up in the dogs bed with Eddie laying on the floor next to him!’ It's a happy ending for Stumpy; he has certainly landed on all three feet!

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