Free Microchipping a huge success!


Working with Dogs Trust to support their 'Free Microchipping Through Vets' campaign over the last 12 months have resulted in an amazing 177,000 dogs nationwide being microchipping. We have chipped over 170 dogs through our free chip months, which is great - more dogs chipped means more dogs will be reunited with their families if they go missing and have proof of ownership if they are ever stolen.
Microchipping has been compulsory in Northern Ireland for sometime and as of the 3rd of March this year is now compulsory for all dogs in Wales.   This includes any dogs visiting these areas of the UK.  Owners should be warned if their dogs are found without a microchip the owner will be fined.

Microchipping will be compulsory for all dogs in England from April 2016 but we advise all dog owners to make sure their pets are chipped and contact details up-to-date.   

Scotland have not decided when they will enforce compulsory microchipping.

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