Babesiosis - advice for dog owners



You will be aware from recent media reports that a small number of dogs in the Harlow area have become infected with a non-native blood disease called Babesiosis. This condition affects a wide range of species world-wide but is a very rare finding in the UK. We do not yet know if it will become more widespread over the coming years.  Please read below for further information.

Transmission to dogs is through the bite of an infected tick, therefore spread, if it occurs, will be slow. Anaemia is the most likely symptom of the disease. Until we have a clearer picture of the severity of this outbreak - and recommendations may change as more details emerge- we advise that all dogs with outdoor lifestyles especially visiting wooded or livestock rearing areas are protected from ticks.

A variety of products that repel and/or Kill Ticks are available. Please contact the surgery for advice or which treatment suits your pet best. 

For further information please visit 'No Bite is Right' on

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