Fresh appeal to help find a home for Honey



Many of you are aware of Honey’s story and the ongoing care she has been receiving from us since April 2015.

Honey came to us paralysed from the neck down but through months of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, hard work and perseverance, Honey has made amazing progress.  She is still very wobbly when she walks and requires a lot of encouragement but she now has a level of independence that we are very pleased with. However, it is still unknown whether her leg function will ever fully return to normal.

Honey has been in foster care with 2 of our nurses since last year. We are hopeful she will continue to progress but we now feel she is at a stage where she could go to a permanent home, providing we can find the right person for her. A new owner would need to be prepared for long term commitment to her care.  She would need to continue her physiotherapy (which can be carried out by the owner once they have had adequate training from us) as well as hydrotherapy once a week to aid her recovery.

A decision to take on a dog like Honey should not be taken lightly. She is a big dog with complex needs and requires a lot of time and dedication. But with her amazing character, (we can say from experience!), she is definitely worth the effort! Honey is an extremely brave, loveable and strong willed dog with a cheeky personality to match and we have all become very attached to her.  She is very good natured and loves children and other dogs.

Honey has had a very difficult year and its time she found a permanent home where she can continue her recovery in a stable home environment.  If you or someone you know is interested in potentially rehoming Honey we would love to hear from you. Please contact either Hannah or Steph on 01376 325511 or via email for more information.

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