Safety week - 'Be Dog Smart' at Silver End Primary School


We had a great time at Silver End Primary School this morning, visiting all the classes with dogs Rainbow and AJ as part of school's safety week. Being Safe with Dogs is an important subject and we were able to talk to all age groups about how and why we should do this.
We openly support the Dogs Trust Education program 'Be Dog Smart' which aims to raise awareness about the importance of being safe around dogs. This morning gave us the opportunity to do just that and we would like to thank all the children at Silver End Primary School for making our registered veterinary nurses Haley and Dot and their dogs Rainbow and AJ, very welcome. 

Our message - LOOK! 


We hope you can all share your dog safety leaflets with your friends and family. 

'We were very kindly visited by two of your vet nurses today at Silver End School, and I would like to extend my thanks to them for coming along with Rainbow and AJ and spending so much time with each class. It really was very useful for the children to experience dog safety first-hand.' 

Victoria Gooding, Head of School, Silver End Primary School 

For more information on the Dogs Trust program click here
For a copy of the Be Dog Smart Booklet click here
For a copy of the Be Dog Smart Leaflet click here.

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