Bunny Talk - Client education event!


We enjoyed yesterdays MVP Client Education event on Rabbit Health and Happiness with our vet Daisy Johnson and nurse Lydia and Kelly.  All three members of staff have their own bunnies.   Kelly brought along two of her very well behaved family members - Cherry and Lizzie ...
Daisy gave our bunny enthusiasts an informative talk on many of the subjects which affect rabbits, including what bunnies are like in the wild, top feeding tips, importance of correct diet and the benefits of fibre, environmental considerations such as living accomodation and exercise needs and boredom breakers.  She also talked about neutering and health issues such as dental disease and gut stasis.

The evening was rounded off with some handling demonstrations and practical health checking. Lydia worked with Lizzie (a 3 year old English Spot) and Kelly with Cherry (her standard chinchilla).  Then it was time for the younger bunny owners to practice their handling skills.

Thank you to everyone who came to our event, as part of Rabbit Awareness Week.

Our next client evening, first aid, is on Thursday 28th July at 7.30pm.  
To book a place please email us admin@millenniumvets.co.uk use this website's contact page or ring us on 01376 325511.

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