PetDialog App - a new way to be in control!


Keep your pet healthy with PetDialog, the new free app that helps you manage your dog or cat's health.  Download the free app, from Google Play or the App Store, enter your details then enter our unique practice vet code to unlock all app features.  For more details and our unique vet code, please see below ...
Introducing the PetDialog App ...

PetDialog is a free app that helps you manage your pet's health and well-being alongside your vet. The app helps you build a story of your pet's life and vitality, helping you and our vets and nurses at the practice, choose the best course of action to keep your pet in top shape.


The dynamic built-in calendar also provides vital reminders for key dates, such as vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.   And let's not forget their birthdays!

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Connecting with Us!

PetDialog lets you connect directly to us.   As a result we can gain a deeper insight into your pet's life and together we can help provide the best possible quality of care.

In addition to this you will have all our details to hand and we will be able to send you messages straight to to your devise.  Make sure you use our unique vetcode to access all the app features - MILLEN01

Quality of Life Assessment feature for you dog ...

Have you ever wanted to know how your dog is feeling?   Nobody has a better understanding of your dog than you, which is why scientists and vets at the University of Glasgow have used this special bond to create the Quality of Life Assessment tool to help measure your dog's emotional well-being.

As soon as you are connected to us, by entering our unique vetcode - MILLEN01, you will be able to begin the assessment.   You will gain a deeper insight into your dog's well-being. - including early detection of health issues, managing disease and measuring treatment success.

Have fun creating this unique insight into your dog's life as you track everything from exercise and meals to playtime!

Add as many pets as you like!

Each pet has its own profile and you can add as many dogs and cats as you like!

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