Murphy - Do Irish Wolfhounds make good pets?


In one word - yes!   This is Murphy a most handsome Irish Wolfhound who came to see us today.   Irish Wolfhounds are with out doubt a striking breed. But with a body weight of around 50kg and height of 80cm, a lot of thought, research and preparation is need before bringing one of these beautiful giants home. Signing up for our MVP Care Plan is a must and at £25 per month, you will save a minimum of £115 a year compared with being off plan.  But for more information on this breed and his needs please read below ...   

Known to be a very friendly breed, affectionate with the family and other dogs, he can tolerate cold weather really well and has a great potential for playfulness!  But his needs for exercise and his play drive need to be met.

Irish Wolfhounds were originally bred as smooth coated or rough coated but the rough coated variety is the only one which exists now.  They need regular weekly grooming but are not considered high maintenance on that front!

Wolfies are categorised under the Kennel Clubs Hound Breed Group.  These are a collection of dogs originally used for hunting - either by scent or sight.  Their skill being sight.  The scent hounds include Beagles and Bloodhounds and the sight hounds, breeds such as Whippets an Greyhounds.  Many of them need a significant amount of exercise - and this breed benefits from around 2 hours a day. 

With weight comes cost - whether it be feeding him or medicating him for flea and worm treatment or in times of illness.   

Preventative health is extremely important in any pet, but no more so than large breed dogs such as these.  Regular vet health assessments, vaccination, worming and flea treatment help keep your pet healthy.  Along with a good diet, planned exercise plan (especially if you have a puppy) and keeping him busy will all help!

Our MVP Care Plan is an ideal way to save - at £25 a month and with a minimum saving of £115 a year for giant breeds, it includes their annual vaccination, 2 vet health assessments, flea and worm treatments, nail clipping and free nurse consults.   Giant breeds are more likely to need longterm medication as they get older for conditions such as osteoarthritis - but our MVP Care Plan will also give you 25% off your pets long term medication bills.  For more information on our MVP Care Plan click here.

Pet Insurance is paramount as a dog of this size and build is prone to bloat or a stomach torsion - known as gastric dilatation.  This is a life threatening condition which needs emergency treatment.  Elbow Dysplasia is common in this breed but hip dysplasia and eye conditions are also a concern.  For general information on Pet Insurance, click here.

The life span of an Irish Wolfhound is around 6-8 years, but some can live longer.   If you think this may be the breed for you visit the Kennel Club website to find your breeder.  Reputable breeders will want to ensure their puppies go to the very best of homes and are likely to quiz you thoroughly and provide you with lots of information to help you in your decision making and if you bring one of their puppies home.

Bitches who have their puppies inside the family home and are reared there too make by far the best socialised puppies when compared to rearing in kennels or barns.   Seeing your puppies parents are very important, but the mother at least.   Never buy a puppy without seeing its Mum, siblings and the living conditions they are in.  

For further advice please ring 01376 325511 and speak to one of our consulting nurses.  They can give you plenty of advice before you decide to purchase a puppy and help you throughout your dogs life - starting with their first visits to the practice and puppy playskool.

For more information on our Puppy Playskook please click here.

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