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Our Cat MVP Care Plan is only £13.50 via monthly Direct Debit and will save you £88.88 a year, when compared to off plan fees. *

This monthly fee is the same regardless of the cat's body weight.

For further details, see below ...


£13.50 monthly direct debit (Saving at least £88.88 when compared to off plan prices*)

This includes your cat's: 
  • Annual health check and vaccination
  • Comprehensive 6 months vet health check 1
  • 12 months supply of flea prevention
  • 12 months supply of worm prevention
  • Unlimited nail clips and nurse consults
Further discounts are offered on the MVP Care Plan:
  • 25% off Long-term Medication 2
  • 25% off Seresto Tick Collars
  • 15% off Neutering
  • 10% off Dentals 3
... and a complimentary microchip if required

Kitten Add-On:

Kittens need an extra vaccination and extra worming medication to kick start their preventative care.  This is charged as a one off fee of £20.

One-Time Set-Up Fee:

An additional £5.00 one-time set-up fee is taken with your first direct debit payment for administrative costs.  There are no set-up fees for each year thereafter.

Switching from MVP Healthcare Package to MVP Care Plan for added benefits:

If you started your pet's plan before the 10th December 2017 and you wish to move over to this new MVP Care Plan please speak to a member of our reception team.  There is no set-up fee to move onto this new plan, but we will need a transfer form completed and signed.

For further details of our MVP Care Plans, click on the link at the bottom of this page.


*  The savings noted above are based on the difference between fees of the 5 main benefits on and off plan (annual health check and vaccination, six month vet health check, 12 months flea and worming prevention and an average of 2 nail clip and nurse consults a year).  These represent the minimum savings - further saving will be made if more than 2 nail clip and nurse consults are used a year and if the discounts from the extra benefits listed above are applied.

1  6 month vet health check is to be used 5 - 7 months after your pet's last vaccination.  This can be combined with your pet's 6 month repeat prescription check if this coincides.

Dental discounts apply to dental procedure fees only.

3 Long Term Medication discount applies to a number of different commonly prescribed long term drugs.  Your vet will advise you if your pet needs to take any long term medication and if the 25% discount applies.

Fees are reviewed annually at the beginning of each year.   Prices correct at time of update 28.12.2017 MVP Care Plan
Benefits, fees and savings on our MVP Care Plan
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