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Your new puppy will be everyone's friend. Studies show us that early socialisation (mixing with other pups outside the litter and different people) helps to produce an outgoing and sociable adult...
Our Puppy Playskool creates a safe environment for puppies to meet, play** and learn that it's OK to relax and have fun at the vets! And for you, we'll give you advice and discuss any new puppy queries you may have.   It's also a chance to mix with other owners who have puppies of a similar age and compare notes! 

Two evenings are set aside for each class, and you will have the opportunity to ask us anything you like about puppy care.  Our Puppy Playskool team run the sessions and between them all have many years of experience dealing with puppies.   Lead by Steph Gowers RVN the team includes: Dot Creighton, Kayleigh Buchele,  Emma Sargant, Becky Moore, Emma RugglesEllis Turner and Abi Thompson.

Our Playskool is open to all puppies.  From 1 week after their first vaccination until they are 16 weeks, (there is some variation to this depending on the breed of your puppy).   There are two sessions, which are charged at £10 per session.

** Note: Puppies come in all shapes and sizes; with many different personalities; characters that are influenced by their breed and different life experiences.  It is therefore unfair on your puppy to expose them to all the puppies in the group for un-managed off-lead-play sessions.  This can be harmful to their training and socialisation -  introducing your puppy to other dogs, puppies or adults, needs to be done gradually and with care.  Our sessions allow plenty of opportunity to have fun and safely meet the other puppies in the group ... why not visit our playskool feedback page to read our client's own experiences, click here.  We want your puppy to have good experiences when they come to see us throughout their lives!  Please ring and ask to speak to a member of the Puppy Playskool Team for further details.

What we cover at our Playskool sessions:

  • Toilet training - group discussion on old and new methods
  • Play biting and bite inhibition - How to stop play biting
  • Puppy Recall - A fun game that begins your pups basic training
  • Identification advice: Microchips; Dog tag advice and order your puppy's tag (free)
  • Restraint in the car

  • Recap biting and toileting
  • Leads, Collars etc... - Advice on good and bad equipment
  • Puppy Recall the next step – training, where do you go from here?
  • Health checks - A bonding exercise for puppy and owner, to check your pups general health including dental care.   We will also advice on neutering and discuss the advantage and disadvantages.
  • Teeth and dental advice
  • Free party bag including your puppies graduation rosette and certificate!
  • Moving on to puppy training classes, how to choose the right dog trainer
What you need to bring:
  • Your puppy!
  • Collar, lead and if used to wearing one - a harness
  • Training Treats
  • Any questions you might have

If there is anything else you would like to discuss about your puppies training and needs then please just ask a member of our Puppy Playskool Team.

We recommend that as soon as your puppy has had their second vaccination and are starting to explore the big wide world, they should also be attending regular training classes with a qualified dog trainer. This way we can ensure they are receiving the right type of training and experience at the right time. If you would like further information please ring 01376 325511 or email us at admin@millenniumvets.co.uk 

Or alternatively please refer to our puppy training advice pages:

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