Matt Bide


Matt Bide
Student Veterinary Nurse
Experience: Before starting at Millennium I had previous experience working in practice at Moloney Vets, based in Great Dunmow. I started here in June 2017 as a full time ward assistant. The ward assistant role has given me a greater understanding of the operations involved in the veterinary practice. I thoroughly enjoy working here, learning new things each day! I started attending the College Of Animal Welfare in April 2018 to begin my training as a student veterinary nurse. 

Interests: My main interests within the veterinary practice environment are based in theatre. I enjoy watching procedures as well as assisting the nurses in the wards on a day to day basis. Another important role I am interested in is maintaining the surgical equipment used in theatre procedures and operations.  My interests are expanding all the time now that I am a student veterinary nurse.

Activities: Outside of work I lead a very sport orientated life. Amongst other things I enjoy my football and motorcycling all year round. I own 5 dogs, 4 of which being English Springer Spaniels and one a Cocker Spaniel.

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