Angie Bateman


Angie Bateman
I joined Millennium in June 2018.  I really enjoy my job as I love animals and helping our clients as much as I can!   

Before working here, I spent 8 years as a teaching assistant at various local schools and worked with students from 2 - 16, I have to say, I prefer pets!

I have a ginger tom cat called Marmalade who is 5 years old and a black cockerpoo called Treacle who is 3 years old.

My hobbies very much include taking my dog on long walks or to the beach, we are always looking for new places to explore.

I also enjoy eating out or going to the cinema with my husband and 3 teenage daughters, (yes I did use the word enjoy and teenage daughters in the same sentence!).

I look forward to my holidays abroad every year too and always want to try new places / destinations.  It's a big world out there so I try never to go to the same place twice.

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