Nikki Gedge


I worked as a learning support assistant in a local primary school then I moved on to a local high school.  I joined millennium in 2019 and work at both Braintree and our branch practice in Coggeshall. 

I love all animals and I hope to help our owners feel at ease when they bring their pets to us.

I have 4 dogs at home yes I did say 4!  Bobby who is a cross husky German shepherd and is 9 years old; Skye (who is his half sister) is husky cross staff and is 7 years old;  Jack who is my daughter's is a black Pug and is 2 years old and finally Max, a cross Lhasa Apso with Cocker Spaniel and is 1.

They share the house with 2 cats Gina who is 13 and Simba who is 6.
I love spending family time with my 21 year old and 2 teenage children and of course all the pets.

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