We would firstly like to thank all our clients for their patience with the changes we have had to make over the last 18 months.  We have been able to keep our veterinary services running throughout, which was always our aim - to continue providing veterinary care for all your pets and avoid closure.  The pandemic has presented many challenges for us, we have a 'staff covid action team' who have been continually reviewing our covid-19 protocols.  Decision for changes to make the work place safe for staff and clients alike have been made with a great deal of thought.  We have had to consider many aspects of our services, which may not be obvious to those not working at Millennium. 

Like the rest of the population, we have had to consider the safety of vulnerable members of staff and those living / caring for vulnerable people.  The covid vaccine is providing more protection and as more MVP staff receive both their vaccinations, it will allow us in part to relax our protocols further.

A sincere, heartfelt thank you to you all and our MVP team who have taken on the ever changing protocols without question.

We are now pleased to announce as of the 31st August we are phasing in our 'return to normal' plan, with the following caveats (see below).  This will include inviting clients back into our waiting room and consult rooms (one client per pet/s only).  We continue to kindly ask that all our clients and visitors wear a face mask.  We are aware that the government have relaxed this and have left it up to individuals and businesses whether these are worn.  At present we have chosen to keep this request in our 'return to normal' plan.  We ask that you do not challenge our members of staff with this decision.  This decision has been made by our covid action team and management.  We will continue existing provisions for those who are mask exempt, are isolating or are isolating with anyone tested positive for covid in the last 10 days.  Again this is subject to ongoing review.   

Face masks, social distancing and arriving at the practice:

  • All visitors are requested to wear face masks, covering their nose and mouth when arriving at our premises and interacting with staff both inside and outside of our building - including with our receptionists in the cabin
  • We ask for social distancing wherever possible, please be guided by a member of staff when entering the waiting or consulting room
  • We are continuing to operate many of our reception duties from our outside cabin - please drive to the cabin for all needs, including arriving for an appointment, collecting medication/food and deliveries
  • If you do not have a mask please ask a member of staff for one, (there is no charge for this)
  • If you do not wish to wear a mask or you are mask exempt, your vet or nurse will come to you.  We ask that you stay in your car.  You will not be able to come into the building but we will of course continue to provide the veterinary care your pet needs, as has been the case over the last 18 months.   We ask that you bring your mobile and confirm this and the make/model of your car, on arrival.  
  • Staff members who are directly interacting with clients will continue to wear suitable PPE.  This includes face masks and shields and in some cases aprons or gowns 

Clients arriving for an appointment

We are continuing to use our buzzer system to let you know when your member of staff is ready for you.  We are trying wherever possible to keep to your appointment time as we appreciate your time is valuable.   If you arrive later than the appointment time, please be advise that we may have to rebook your appointment.  We only have so many consults in each day and have to prioritise emergencies.  Your help with this is appreciated.  If you are unable to attend your appointment please ring us or contact us on our online chat (found at the bottom right hand side of our website pages) as we have a high demand for appointments

  • Drive to the cabin to let us know you have arrived
  • You will be given a buzzer and information on where to park
  • Only ONE CLIENT PER PET AT ANYTIME in the waiting room**, (only children in prams and car seats can accompany adult) .  
** An exception will be made for clients with additional needs that require a carer to be present.  If this is the case, please let us know when you book your appointment so the necessary arrangements can be made.

  • If you can't leave your car for any reason, e.g. children in the car, please advice our receptionist when booking in at the cabin and we can meet you outside
  • Your buzzer will not work if you are too far away from the building.  They are out of range if you go onto the green to exercise your dog.  Please exercise your dog closer to the practice or after your appointment
  • When your buzzer goes off, please make sure you have your face mask on, go into the waiting room and sit in your allotted seat.  This is a colour coded system.  We ask you remain in your seat until your vet/vet nurse calls you into the room
  • If your consult is taking place in our 5th consult room, access will be at the back of the building.  There will be no need to go into the waiting room, but the assigned person for the pet can still be present in the consulting room.  For these clients please return to the cabin to make your payment.
  • If we need a member of staff to hold your pet, we will ask you to step out of the room and go back to your seat in the waiting room.  This will enable us to keep to two persons only in the consult room.
  • Otherwise once your consult is finished, payment can be made at the reception desk.  We ask for payment at the time of your consult
  • Follow up appointments can be made in the consult room or alternatively at the reception desk.

Booking Procedures and Operations

  • Routine procedures, e.g. neutering and dentals, are generally carried out Wednesday - Friday.  These appointments can not be booked online, please ring us on 01376 325511 so the necessary arrangements can be made and specific advice given.  For all other procedures your vet will advise you.
  • For admission and discharge, our nurses will either use our 5th consult room (Emma's Room) or see you in the back car park in front of our fire exits and glass fronted corridor.  
  • We ask that payment is made when you book in at the cabin, before you collect your pet.

Coggeshall Branch and Home Visiting

  • Our Coggeshall branch will remain closed
  • We are unable to offer visits at this time
Please be assured we are working to reopen or Coggeshall branch and provide house visits, as a top priority.  We will be communicating with our Coggeshall Clients directly in the next few weeks.

MVP new client registration and waiting list

At present we are providing our veterinary services at full capacity due to the unprecedented high demand for appointments.  This is mainly due to the 40% increase in pet ownership during the pandemic which has forced us to close registration to new clients for the first time in our 55 years history.  (Existing clients are still able to register their new pet.)  There is also a current shortage of both vets and veterinary nurses adding another challenge. 
As of 1st September we are opening a first-come-first waiting list.  We ask that this request is completed via our online 'register a pet' page (this is at the very top of the page above).  All clients with dogs and cats will need to join our MVP Care Plan as part of the registration process.  We are unable to accept clients with dogs and cats who choose not to join.  For more information on our MVP Care Plan, click here.

Contacting us, making/booking appointments and ordering prescriptions/food

  • Please use our contact us page or online chat facility on this website.
  • You can also email us reception@millenniumvets.co.uk
  • Appointments can be made on our website - at present this is for vet appointments only, Wednesday to Saturday
  • Due to the high demand for appointments we kindly ask if you are unable to attend your appointment, even if it is last minute that you ring 01376 325511.  Appointments can not be cancelled if you have booked online, so please still ring us.  (This allows us to assess your pets needs where necessary.)

End of Life Care

Over the last 18 months we have been able to conduct most euthanasias in our small cabin.  This has allowed social distancing and more importantly for our clients to be with their much loved pets in their last moments.  If your pet is being put to sleep, this can now take place in a normal consult room.  However if more than one family member wishes to be present we will use our small cabin.  Please advise us of this when you speak to a member of staff at the time of booking.    If the need for euthanasia is unexpected and you have not already informed us of your wishes we will do everything we can to accommodate them.  However in these situations it may not always be possible for more than one family member to be present.  We can advise you on this at the time.

Please contact us if you need further advice about our changes or any other aspect of our veterinary care and services.