This page is written for parents and carers who what their children to learn more about living with dogs.

Becoming a dog owner is a life changing decision for everyone, a decision that needs to be thought about and all the pros and cons weighed up - for your household, any existing pets and of course the new dog itself.  Not all homes are suited to having a dog.  We recommend you visit our Choosing a Pet page before making this leap.   If having a dog is ticking all the boxes then a number of safety considerations are advisable for any dog owner, especially for those with children. 

If you are preparing to bring a child into your dog's world or vica versa then read on, for further help!

The following links will take you to information and clear advice on being safe with dogs and how to help you and your dog prepare for children in its home.   We offer complementary pre-purchase nurse consults if you are considering getting a pet.  If you have any specific concerns please contact us and further advice.

Blue Cross

Dogs Trust

Kennel Club
  • SAFE AND SOUND SCHEME - teaching kids how to be safe around dogs click here

Interactive learning

Cartoon Posters

Family Paws Parent Education
  • For the full Family Paws website click here
  • or their download their easy to understand posters click here