Pets that have been found will be entered below after you email us  We will leave posts on here for 12 months.  By emailing us with the information below you are consenting to your details being left on our website for 12 months.

Please mark your email as 'Pet Found', attach a photo of the pet (we can only post one photo) and complete the following details:

Date pet found:
Location where the pet was found:
Pet's name if known (eg from tag on collar if wearing one):
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This page functions as a self-help page and we do not keep any further information about the pet.  If you have lost your pet and you believe one of the descriptions below match your lost pet, please use the contact details given. 

  • Unknown

    Status: Found Pet
    When Found: 06/06/2020
    Pet Name: Unknown
    Description: Black and White long-haired female cat, involved in a fatal road traffic accident. No collar or chip
    Where Lost/Found: High Garrett opposite Sunnyfields
    Electronic ID (if known): 
    Contact: Millennium Vets
    Tel: 01376 325511