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This page functions as a self-help page and we do not keep any further information about the pet.  If you have found a pet and you believe you have a match, please use the contact details given. 
  • Casper

    Lost Pet: 31/12/2020
    Description: Short hair tabby
    Location: Marks Farm Estate went missing on 12 January 2021
    Electronic ID (if known): 
    Contact: Catherine
    Tel: 07801579181
  • Cali

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 31/12/2020
    Pet Name: Cali
    Description: 10 month old neutered female, Calico markings. Went missing 17/2/21
    Where Lost/Found: Bronte Close Braintree CM7 1BQ
    Electronic ID (if known): 642090001116176
    Contact: Prow
    Tel: 07446117974
  • Mowie

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 06/10/2020
    Pet Name: Mowie
    Description: Ginger fluffy tabby male cat, with white paws, white whiskers, pink nose and ginger coloured eyes
    Where Lost/Found: | Coggeshall, isinglass mews West street
    Electronic ID (if known): 
    Contact: Chelsey
    Tel: 07449049211
  • Ninj

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 03/10/2020
    Pet Name: Ninj
    Description: Ginger. did have a yellow Collar on when he went missing. Has a very loud meow. Green eyes.
    Where Lost/Found: Hythe close, Braintree
    Electronic ID (if known): Yes
    Contact: Gary
    Tel: 07759315914
  • Shadow

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 27/09/2020
    Pet Name: Shadow
    Description: Grey and black tabby with white chest and socks
    Where Lost/Found: Long green/cressing
    Electronic ID (if known): Yes
    Contact: Kim
    Tel: 07970496852
  • Nala

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 22/09/2020
    Pet Name:  Nala
    Description: | white cat with ginger and black circle markings
    Where Lost/Found: |Witham cut-throat lane
    Electronic ID (if known): 
    Contact: Alice
    Tel: 07383433036
  • Toothless

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 19/09/2020
    Pet Name: Toothless
    Description: No chip, strong meow, 5-6 months old, small and extremely scared when approached by strangers. ( may run away)
    Where Lost/Found: Lost around Mersey Fleet Way Braintree
    Electronic ID (if known): None
    Contact: Nicholas Gardiner
    Tel: 07445 416020
  • Cheeky

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 07/09/2020
    Pet Name: Cheeky
    Description: Short haired black 10 yr old male cat, has dark brown marbling/flecks in the bottom of his right eye. very quiet cat - doesn't meow!
    Where Lost/Found: last seen Church Street, Witham
    Electronic ID (if known):
    Contact: Jeannie
    Tel: 07842700065
  • Joe

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 21/07/2020
    Pet Name: Joe
    Description: All Black male cat..Very handsome.. very timid.. Microchipped.
    Where Lost/Found: Last seen Kings Road Bocking
    Electronic ID (if known): Is microchipped
    Contact: Katherine
    Tel: 07473917178
  • Whispa

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 20/07/2020
    Pet Name: Whispa
    Description: Black Domestic short-haired with a small white star on the chest. 8-year-old neutered male
    Where Lost/Found: Black Notley
    Electronic ID (if known): 
    Contact: Heidi
    Tel: 07899962486
  • Jeffrey

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 19/07/2020
    Pet Name: Jeffrey
    Description: Black Male with yellow eyes. Light blue collar.
    Where Lost/Found: Missing from Black Notley.
    Electronic ID (if known):
    Contact: Ruth Parry
    Tel: 07904930578
  • Indie

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 23/06/2020
    Pet Name: Indie
    Description: Small and young-looking. The right side of her face is quite swollen and was due to be treated in the time she has been missing. She is very friendly and likes to sleep under things
    Where Lost/Found: Bailey Bridge Road
    Electronic ID (if known): 
    Contact: Graeme
    Tel: 07572318722
  • Lucky

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 18/06/2020
    Pet Name: Lucky
    Description: Red/Ginger and white male 8 months
    Where Lost/Found: Feering road, Coggeshall
    Electronic ID (if known): 
    Contact: Nadine
    Tel: 07944670362
  • Lili

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 15/06/2020
    Pet Name: Lili
    Description: Black and grey stripey tabby cat
    Where Lost/Found: Went missing on Monday 15th June 2020 near Lyons hall school Marks farm area.
    Electronic ID (if known): 
    Contact: Peter
    Tel: 07936970791
  • Boots

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 10/06/2020
    Pet Name: Boots
    Description: Black and white neutered male
    Where Lost/Found: Grantham avenue great notley
    Electronic ID (if known): 985154000399909
    Contact: Suzanne
    Tel: 01376348899
  • Ginger

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 02/06/2020
    Pet Name: Ginger
    Description: Neutered male ginger tabby cat
    Where Lost/Found: Silver end
    Electronic ID (if known): Unknown
    Contact: Natalie partridge
    Tel: 07376045724
  • Oliver

    Status:  Lost Pet
    When Lost: 30/05/2020
    Pet Name: Oliver
    Description: Black and brown calico with white patch on chest and white socks
    Where Lost/Found: 4 Orchard Drive, Braintree CM71EQ
    Electronic ID (if known): 985111002204417
    Contact: Lucy Green
    Tel: +44 7846 680803
  • Atticus

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 23/05/2020
    Pet Name: Atticus
    Description: 6-month-old black & white (tux) male kitten. White splodge/moustache to right of his face
    Where Lost/Found: Watch House Green, Felsted CM6 3EF
    Electronic ID (if known):
    Contact: Jessica Goodwin
    Tel: 07773699321
  • Bear

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 07/05/2020
    Pet Name: Bear
    Description: Tortoiseshell, just over 1yr old so not very big, female, black nose
    Where Lost/Found: Warne Avenue (Nr. Bailey Bridge Rd)
    Electronic ID (if known): 981000010753867
    Contact: Andrew Shuttleworth
    Tel: 07875416187
  • Delilah

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 25/02/2020
    Pet Name: Delilah
    Description: She's an 18-Year-old, black, petite cat with yellow eyes. She's very friendly and easy approachable. She's been sprayed, but she's not micro chipped.
    Where Lost/Found: Tabor area
    Electronic ID (if known): 
    Contact: Davina Gava
    Tel: 07934364525