Pets that have been lost will be entered below after you email us  We will leave posts on here for 12 months.  By emailing us with the information below you are consenting to your details being left on our website for 12 months.

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This page functions as a self-help page and we do not keep any further information about the pet.  If you have found a pet and you believe you have a match, please use the contact details given. 
  • Scooby

    Date lost: Tuesday 23 November 2021
    Location lost: Near Rivenhall Village Hall, Church Road, CM8 3PQ
    Microchip number: 981000004859996
    Description: 9 year old neutered Male Cat. Brown Mackerel tabby with flat face, white muzzle, amber eyes and deep black stripes. Not wearing a collar. Registered with PetLog.
    Contact: Helen on 07976 475839
  • Hugo

    Lost Pet went missing:  9th October 2021
    Description: Grey British Blue cat - 11 years old
    Location: Levens Way, Whitecourt, Gt. Notley 
    Electronic ID (if known): Microchip number - 985141000746913
    Contact: Joe Tiley-Walker
    Tel: Contact email:
  • Casper

    Lost Pet: 12 January 2021
    Description: Short hair tabby
    Location: Marks Farm Estate went missing
    Electronic ID (if known): 
    Contact: Catherine
    Tel: 07801579181
  • Cali

    Status: Lost Pet
    When Lost: 17/02/2021
    Pet Name: Cali
    Description: 10 month old neutered female, Calico markings.
    Where Lost/Found: Bronte Close Braintree CM7 1BQ
    Electronic ID (if known): 642090001116176
    Contact: Prow
    Tel: 07446117974