The health and welfare of our clients and staff are of the utmost importance, as well as our patients. Therefore, in light of the coronavirus outbreak, we ask ALL clients to please observe the following advice:

  • Please do not attend an appointment if you have a high temperature, a sore throat or have developed a cough in the last 14 days
  • Please do not attend if you are suspected to have, or have been diagnosed to have the Covid-19 infection, or are in a self-isolation period
  • Please do not attend  if you or a member of your household has recently travelled to China, Iran, South Korea or Italy
  • Please can we also ask that where possible when you attend the practice only one client attends per pet to reduce the number of people visiting the practice? If you are self-isolating or have been advised to isolate but your pet needs to be seen please contact us and we will be able to liaise with our clinical colleagues to establish how best we can assist you.   

We have a designated parking area for clients to seek their pet's veterinary care - but please contact us first before coming to the practice.

Visiting the practice: If none of the above applies to you and you are able to attend your appointment, please wash your hands well with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before you leave home. On arrival at MVP, there are hand sanitiser products available and we ask that everyone uses them before you come into reception.

Your pet's medication: If you wish to have your medication posted to you, we can do this (this will incur an additional fee). We are also allowing you to order 3 months’ supply of medication, assuming the Veterinary Surgeon feels it is in the patient’s welfare to do so.   (Dispensing legislation still applies and unused medications can not be returned or refunded)Unfortunately, we will only be able to dispense 1 months supply of paracetamol at this time, due to supply concerns. This does not affect other medications at this time but again we will keep you updated if this changes. We ask that all medication is paid before it is posted or collected as per our normal practice protocol. 

Your pet's vaccinations and health checks: If your pet requires a vaccination or health check this can be carried out before its due date, we are currently advising up to 3 months prior to the due date. Please do not be offended if we ask you about your current health status. We are following WHO / Government guidelines, to ensure the welfare of our staff and clients at all times. As the advice is changing on a daily basis, we may review this information if advised to do so.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BOOKED AN APPOINTMENT AND ARE NOT ABLE TO ATTEND PLEASE CONTACT US TO CANCEL, this will help us greatly in managing staff numbers. We thank you for your cooperation at this time.