The following are the Cats Protection's description of the four little cats that need your help:

  • Kiara was found in a disused shed in a garden with 5 kittens. We were very fortunate to get them out as the new owners of the house had a Staffie dog. She is not aggressive, just very afraid of people. We think she will relate better to people once she has her freedom. Age between 2 and 4 yrs
  • Lilly, was taken from the mother cat far too early, went to a home with small children but she was not happy and was then passed onto to another young couple who also did not want her. Lilly craves attention but at the same time she gets worried that something might happen to her and she bites. She needs an experienced cat lover who will understand why she behaves in that way. She hates other cats and dogs.
  • Bunny and Poppet came from a multi-cat household where cats had kittens went unchecked. Because there were so many cats they were not properly socialised and Bunny in particular is afraid of people, Poppet likes a fuss but will not related well to people she does not know.

It would be great if these four cats could be given a chance of a normal loving forever home.

If you think you can help please contact the Colne Valley Cats Protection [email protected] or ring 0845 260 1384.

For more information on the local Cats Protection Charity visit   This centre is funded entirely by donations, for information on how to donate visit their website.