Guinea Pig month gives us the opportunity to highlight the importance of good health and husbandry.   We offered free Guinea Pig consultations with one of our Registered Veterinary Nurses, where many aspects of their care was discussed.   Diet in particular was a focus discussing with owners the importance of roughage and being very careful with the amount of treats and concentrated foods being fed.

All Guinea Pig owners went home with a goodie bag and a 12 point check sheet to keep at home so owners could follow through the same check points.

Thanks to the support of the following companies we were able to provide all the winners with some great prizes for their guinea pigs.
  • Back to Nature
  • Rosewood
  • Supreme

All the entry fees and donations went to a worthy cause, to Guinea Pig and Rabbit Rescue, based in Chelmsford. £136.40 was raised and will be put towards a new block of cages.

Thank you to all that entered their Guinea Pig's Olympic photos.