Honey was paralysed from the neck down as a result of lungworm.   Since she arrived at our Practice in April 2015, she has undergone months of round-the-clock care and has been coming on leaps and bounds thanks to our dedicated staff. Although still wobbly on her back legs, she is now able to move around independently and is finally ready to find a new permanent home to live. 

This week, Bayer are supporting Honey’s search for a forever home. You can share their posts to help us spread awareness, click here.

If you think you could be the new owner for Honey, please take the time to visit the links below - archive news and photo albums from this website.  If you still think you can offer Honey a home, then please contact us by email: [email protected]

We would like to thank Bayer for providing Honey with parasite treatment and food over the many months.  They have also committed to funding these costs until a new home has been found and will pay her physiotherapy costs for the first year in her new home - to assist her new owners in her recovery.  
As the leader in UK lungworm awareness, Bayer wanted to help Honey after hearing she had been diagnosed with lungworm.   She is now doing her bit in highlighting the need for treatment against lungworm, through Bayers Its a jungle out there campaign!

We would also like to thank staff at The Dogs Body, Canine Hydrotherapy (in Earls Colne, Colchester), for their support with the many months of hydrotherapy.

For further pictures of Honey, please visit one of her photo albums in our image gallery, click here, or click on one of the following for her individual albums:
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For archive news coverage of Honey's progress, see below
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For further information on parasite awareness in pets, visit Bayer's Its a jungle out there campaign website: www.itsajungle.co.uk/