Pruritus, presented as itchy skin, is a common condition that's not always easy to treat, and in some cases patients need long term steroids to deal with reoccurring episodes.

Stefaan has been using newly developed medication, to treat patients with itchy skin.  Stefaan has been really impressed with the results, saying "It's a new exciting medication, which shows to work as effectively and as quickly as steroids, but without the side effects of steroids.   Shadow responded to his treatment really well and his owner was really pleased.   Being continually itchy is very uncomfortable and now we have this new drug that can alleviate this condition quickly."

Another successful treatment was Mac, a West Highland White Terrier.   Mac was being looked after by Mrs Edgington from 'Westie Rescue' and was under the care of Stefaan for atopy - another skin condition causing very uncomfortable itchiness. Stefaan diagnosed the cause to be an environmental allergy to house dust mites. "When Mac was rescued he had horrendous skin. He responded really well to treatment and now lives happily with his new owners, in Norfolk." commented Stefaan.

This new drug is being launched worldwide later this month.   Stefaan has been invited to the launch in Dublin and Madrid as a guest speaker to present his findings.   Being one of the first vets to use the drug extensively, he is able to present his findings and experience to other veterinary surgeons.   The launch is to take place in Dublin then Madrid.   The film crew we hosted today took a video which will used during the presentations. 

We would like to thank both Mr Williams (and Shadow) and Mrs Edgington for taking part in the filming today.