While Covid-19 has given us more time to spend with our pets, we are seeing an increasing number of preventable illnesses.  We ask everyone to be vigilant of their pets and keep them safe.  This will help you save on unnecessary vets bills and help us, while our small teams work long hours to continue to provide a high standard of veterinary care.

Many substances are poisonous to animals and while this isn’t an exhaustive list these are some of the common things we see in our practice, most of them preventable! 

We also ask that you are cautious of potential foreign bodies, that’s items chewed, inhaled or swallowed e.g. socks, children's' toys and yes, sticks! 

Dog's especially puppies like to chew, it’s a natural habit for most, so keep socks, children's toys, remote controls and batteries out of reach.  Resist the temptation to throw sticks for your dog and don’t allow them to chew sticks either. 

While obvious poisons include rat poisons, household products such as bleach and your own medication, some are less so.  

Do not allow any access to chocolate, grapes, sultanas, raisins, currants, food products with xylitol (often an ingredient in low fat and fat-free foods including chewing gum and low-fat peanut butter), lily plants and plant bulbs needs to be avoided. 

Alcohol, E-cigarettes and human medications are potentially dangerous. Many drugs manufactured for human use can not be used on animals – please seek advice first before thinking of home medicating. 

For more information visit the PDSA’s page on poisons and hazards, click here.  If you are concerned that your pet has ingested something potentially harmful please ring us ASAP. A phone call costs nothing but and it could save your pet’s life, ring us on 01376 325511.