Kelly, like many other members of the team, rescue animals.   In Kelly's case, of the wildlife variety!

In Kelly's own words, "When the goose was brought in to us she was very friendly, which is unusual as she appeared to be a wild goose.   I took her to our Poultry Vet Robin Creighton and when he examined her the only thing he could find wrong was a crack in her beak.   I brought her home with me to recuperate and she is doing very well.   She seems stronger now, likes bread tit bits and talks to you!   She settled in quickly with my ducks and follows them around.   Though cute, this is not ideal and now that she is better I am going to look for a better place where she can live with her own kind."

A happy outcome!   We would like to say thank you to the member of the public who brought her in.   She may have got away, but at least she ended up in the right place.   If left it is quite likely she would have been seriously injured or worse.