This young black and white cat was brought in to us heavily pregnant and clearly ready to kitten.  We settled her into our quiet isolation ward, fed her and kept her warm.  She started nesting and the following day stopped eating, a sign that birth was imminent.  She gave birth that night to 3 beautiful girls!

Clearly this was the mum’s first litter as she needed help to remove the kittens from their amniotic sacks.  Our nurses kept a close eye on her and without their help the kittens would not have been able to breath. 

But since then she has been very good at looking after the kittens, producing lots of milk and feeding them really well.   All the kittens are growing fast and have started to eat solids.   Homes have been found for all of them, including the mum who is going with one of her kittens, thanks to our growing waiting list of owners wanting to give homes to rescued cats.

We rarely have kittening actually in the practice so it is lovely that we have such a happy outcome.