The principal COVID-19 change to our working day is access to the practice building.  We can't guarantee social distancing with our clients when we are consulting so it remains that only staff are permitted access to the building.  The following measures are in place to help enforce this:

When you arrive at the practice, please drive to our cabin to check-in.  If you are collecting a prescription please park in the main car park and knock on the front door, there is no need to call first.

  • Please read the notice when you approach our car park and follow the road markings
  • If you are here for a scheduled appointment we will advise you where to park.  This will depend on which entry point your vet is working from
  • If you are visiting to collect a prescription or food order, your items will be put on a table next to our front door once payment has been taken

Contacting us

Our phone message has changed.  Please select the option you require to speak to our reception, ward or dispensary staff.  There is no longer a separate phone number for our wards.  In the event of the ward or dispensary* line being busy, your call will be redirected to our reception team.

* Please note - due to staff restructuring we are no longer taking prescription requests over the phone.  Please email [email protected] or use the online prescription request form - click here.

You can of course contact us via our Facebook messanger or email [email protected].  Please be advised that these forms of contact are not dealt with immediately, especially in the evenings and weekends - please use for non-urgent enquiries only.  If your are concerned about the health of your pet please still ring 01376 325511

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday 8 am-8 pm
  • Saturday 8 am-6 pm
  • Sunday 9 am -1 pm For emergencies only
Outside of these times, your call will be automatically redirected to Vets Now Emergency Service, in Witham.  Any patients already hospitalised will continue to be nursed at our practice and are NOT moved to the emergency service for overnight care. 


As you are unable to enter the building, a member of staff will come and collect your pet from you.  In most cases, this will be the vet or vet nurse who will be treating your pet.  We wear masks/face shields and will adhere to social distancing advice, but we can speak to you of course!  We ask that you keep your mobile switched on in case we need to speak to you from the consulting room.  After your pet has been examined we will bring them back to you and any medication/food they require.   Payments are then taken at the Cabin.  We ask that you use card payment wherever possible. (Contactless card payments can be taken up to the value of £45.)

In case you are coming on foot or are asked to wait outside, be prepared for all weathers when you come for your appointment!  A coat for wet windy weather and water for your pet on hot days.  If you have a cool mat for your pet, we advise you to use this in your car.  

Note: if your pet is coming for laser treatment they must be kept dry.  We can not use the laser if your pet's coat is wet!

Routine and Preventative Health Care:

There are no longer any restrictions on health checks, vaccinations, neutering and dental treatments.  Please contact us in the normal way to book an appointment.  APPOINTMENTS CAN ALSO BE MADE ON-LINE click here.

Please continue to treat your pet regularly against parasites - that's tick, flea and worms.  Please contact us to order your pet's regular treatment.  

Our nurse appointments have returned too, but appointments are limited as our nurses are needed in the consult rooms to help our vets examine your pets.  We are unable to offer any socialisation/confidence visits for your pet, as their owners are integral to this process.  Once you are happy giving your pet's monthly parasite treatment we encourage you to mark it on your calendar and give subsequent treatments at home to save on unnecessary trips to the vets.

Note: A home delivery option is available with our Care Plan and is suitable for pets over the age of 1 year, please contact us if you would like further details. 

Hospitalised Patients

The need to socially distance makes it difficult for you to visit your pet if they have been hospitalised.  We will keep you updated on your pet's progress throughout their stay.

End of Life Care

We have changed our working protocols for pet's who need to be put-to-sleep.  Again social distancing makes this difficult.  

There may be times when we have to put pets to sleep without their owner being present, but where possible we will take your pet into the practice and place an intravenous catheter into your pet's vein with a long drip line attached. This will allow us to give your pet's final injection while you are with them and still comply with social distancing. 

If you have a dog, we can do this from the back of your car or in our dog exercise area so you can hold your pet.  For cats, we will return them to you in a cat basket and use the same principle.  For other pet species, it is more likely that you will not be able to be with them.  

Our Coggeshall Branch Practice

Our Coggeshall Branch remains closed until further notice.

Visiting You at Home

We are unable to offer our usual visit service at present.  

Prescription orders 

Please allow 48 hours for all medication orders.  Payment is required before your items are collected.  As above, all orders need to be requested via email or our pharmacy request page.

Note: As advised by our veterinary professional bodies, our policy is in line with human pharmacy rules and we are unable to refund any medicines that have left the building.

Food orders

Please allow 48 hours for all prescription food orders.

Note: Due to the restrictions on returning products to our wholesalers and space to store stock, we request that your pet’s food is collected within 7 days of placing your order. 

If you change your mind after ordering, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid being charged for unopened food.  Please do so within the 7 days of ordering.  Returned food should be in the condition it was sold.

Hills and Royal Canin offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all their foods.  In this instance please return your pet’s food to us (opened and unopened food) as soon as possible so we can make a refund claim on your behalf.

Can't get to the practice?

If you are unable to get to us we offer over the phone and video consults.  Our consult fee is £44.12 for each pet.  There will be some situations where we can not consult via technology and need to examine your pet in person, we will advise you accordingly.

We can of course post your items directly to you.  We use Royal Mail, signed for and record your tracking number.  For medication orders, this is charged at £6.28.  Our postage fee may be more if large quantities of medication are posted to you.

The home delivery option on our MVP Care Plan is a different service from those mentioned above.  The cost of this is spread throughout the year of the plan as multiple deliveries are made throughout the year.

Wildlife and Stray animals

Please ring us first if you think there is an animal in need.  We will advise you at the time.  There will be some situations where leaving the animal in situ is the best for its welfare.  If we advise you to bring it to us, we will ask for your details and where you found it to help with a future release.

We continue to treat wildlife with the principle aim of treating, rehabilitation and returning them to the wild.  Animals that are too ill or injured to be released after treatment and rehabilitation are likely to be euthanased.  We make these decisions on a case by case basis after one of our vets have examined the animal. 

We continue to help stray pets in need.  Our aim is to get in contact with their owner as soon as possible, we microchip scan animals brought into us.  Veterinary care may be needed without owner consent if our vets feel the animal is suffering.  For stray dogs, we will contact the Braintree Dog Warden, if we can not reunite the owner with their dog.