Vet Lindsey Nice, also one of the Directors at Millennium, commented ‘We are really excited to be the first practice in this area to have installed a CT.  It has been up and running for a few months now and replaces our MRI scanner.  It is being regularly used for a wide range of investigations, including oncology cases as part of the Millennium Referrals service we offer.   We know this will greatly help the speed of diagnosis and treatment of the patient under our care.  Previously our clients would have had to travel quite a distance to access this, another real bonus of having this here in Braintree.

We are able to offer this service at a very competitive price and welcome enquiries from referring veterinary practices and pet owners .   

For more information please contact us on 01376 325511 or email us [email protected]

’Mouse’ a Saluki was rescued from the roadside 8 years ago. She underwent extensive reconstructive surgery over several months and made a full recovery from her injuries in 2012. Unfortunately, her recent CT scan revealed a large pituitary marcoadenoma tumour in her brain. Thankfully, Mouse is still enjoying life and her beach walks with on-going treatment.  Mouse is pictured above with her owner and Director Lindsey and fellow Directors Stefaan and Robin.