Sparkle has been an amazing patient and required intense nursing, surgical intervention, fluid therapy, nutrition support, pain relief and antibiotic medication and a lot of care at home from her family and rabbit brother Bluey.  She has fully recovered and we would love to share her bravery and success here after her owner sent these great photos and sent the following message:

"To all at Millennium -  We thought you would like to see how well Sparkles is doing after her series of operations and lengthy treatment. Looking back at photos of her when she was in the midst of it, it's so clear how poorly she was. Now she is bright eyed, adventurous and quite mischievous! She and her brother Bluey were immediately delighted to be back together and are often cuddled up close, and both our little tripods are hopping around with no issues - climbing bridges, enjoying tunnels, and doing their best to escape whenever they can! 
We can't thank you enough for all you did for Sparkles, and for being as determined as we were to try everything possible before admitting defeat. My two little girls are very proud of their strong, brave bunny and very grateful to the many vets and nurses who helped get her back to health. In fact my six year old has decided that she would like to be a vet and help other people's pets when she is older.
Thank you, The Karaolis Family"

Pop to our Facebook page and see Sparkles video - proof of her great recovery!

Sparkles, fully recovered after having surgery to amputate her leg

Sparkles in her recovery period with rabbit nurse brother Bluey!