Congratulations Amber!  Amber has lost 6.5kg over the last 6 months to achieve her new slimline body weight!  

During Amber's annual health check and booster back in April, vet Lindsey Nice noted that it was time for Amber to loose some weight.  

She was booked in with nurse Dot for her first weight consultation to discuss feeding and exercise regimes.  Amber was body condition scored, assessed, measured and her ideal body weight worked out specifically for her.  From there she was able to calculate her daily calorie needs before selecting the most appropriate diet.

To optimise Amber's individual diet plan she moved Amber onto Hills Metabolic + Mobility, dry food to give her the necessary weigh support and join care.   

At the age of 8 1/2 years old, looking after Amber's joints long term and getting her weight down were Dot's main concerns.

Owner support is vital for pets starting a weight management programme.  Amber's owner diligently returned every 2-3 weeks for her weigh in, assessment and measurements to be taken.

Commenting on Amber's success, Dot said 'Amber has done really well to loose 6.5kg in six months.  While this may not seem much, Amber was actually 20% overweight so it was important for her own health and welfare to reach her target weight.   Her owners have been amazing: in changing the perception around feeding and treat times, exercise and being dedicated to sticking to our calorie controlled diet.  Like many overweight pets, weight gain can creep up slowly often from the time of neutering when their calorie requirements reduce quite significantly and if there is no change in diet, can lead to weight gain.   Amber is by no means alone, with around 50% of dogs being overweight in the UK. 

We have much better results when using a specific weight management diet rather than just reducing or going for 'light' versions of the dog's exiting food.   Amber's owners have noticed a real change in her energy levels and were very happy with our diet choice. Amber loved the taste and took to the whole change very well.  We will now be reworking her daily calorie requirement to a maintenance level.  The plan going forward will be to weigh Amber every few months to make sure she keeps to her ideal body weight.  Ongoing support is still important and we will be there for her as the months go on.

I'm very proud of her and her owners - Amber really deserves her achievement rosette! '

Amber is signed on to our MVP Care Plan (click here for more information) so her initial weight management consultation and subsequent 12 nurse appointments were free of charge.  For more information on our care plan click here.

If you would like us to make a weight assessment of your pet, please ring 01376 325511 and book an appointment with a member of our nurse consulting team.