"When I was working on reception this morning I took a call from a lady at a letting agency to say she had just shown some people round a property and had come across an adult swan trapped in a small courtyard back garden. Luckily it was a quiet spell at work so my other reception colleagues covered my shift and I went to the property in Bradford Street, near Braintree College.

I was able to take our pharmacy technician Jenny with me as she shares the same passion for wildlife.  It was just as well as there was no one at the property.   We were able to enlist the help of a kind resident of the next door house and climbed over a brick wall.   I caught the swan and wrapped it in a blanket, passed it back over the fence and into the river behind the garden.   I would say the swan was female because of her beak markings, she was also very gentle in character. 

She was healthy but hungry and we were able to leave her happily wagging her tail, eating bread in the river!"

Seeing such a graceful bird return safely to her river made it all the more rewarding for Kelly and Jenny. 

Well done both of you!