‘The children literally had nothing and the charity pays for these children to board at their school.   We took part in refurbishing some of their accommodation and built an adventure playground for them.   With its big wooden climbing wall, swings, slide and gymnastic bars they will be able to enjoy many hours of safe play; something many children take for granted,’  commented Fay.

David, Fay and two of their children Caleb and Mae brought several large puppets for story telling with the children.   The puppets were used to help tell stories from the bible and are now living in Nepal!   Some of the volunteers also visited local churches to preach. 

David added, ‘We took many different supplies with us, including basketball and footballs with nets.   Kits for them to wear and lots of craft materials.   All 160 children were given a present with included a new pair of pajamas and a towel.   My daughter Mae is a registered nurse and was able to perform health checks on the children.   As a practice we were able to donate medical supplies, including disposable gloves, dressings and wound care products – items which are generic to both the veterinary and medical professions.’   As part of the trip the volunteers took the children on an elephant safari.

This worthy charity functions only because of donations.   If you would like to learn more about the charity visit https://www.standby.me