Hannah Abbott

Registered Veterinary Nurse

I have had my eye on the MVP team and amazing practice for quite a while since moving to the Braintree area in 2019. I have worked in and out of animal related and veterinary jobs for 20 years, animals have always been my passion since being raised in a whelping box. My family bred cocker Spaniels, mini lop rabbits and Guinea pigs whilst owning a small pet shop so I do like the small furries. 

Since I qualified in October 2013 I have realised that my interests lie in Feline behaviour, having attended many lectures on this subject, my goal is to develop this to become a APBC feline behaviourist. I do love my cats! especially angry ones. My motto is 'no cat is angry, just misunderstood'.

 I have two cats at home, a lazy Bengal cross and a stray that adopted us! We also have another feisty Bengal that lives the wild life in my partners workshop. We have 9 ducks but this goes up and down as I take on orphans and I did breed some over lockdown, which was a lovely learning experience for my 5yr old son having them hatch in his hands.

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Student Veterinary Nurse

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