Free Microchipping and Neutering


The Cats Protection and RSPCA are working together to microchip and neuter as many cats in the local area, as they can. We are working with them and providing facilitates at our Coggeshall branch to register cats onto this scheme, microchip the cats and hand out neutering vouchers......
This is being almost fully funded and the Cats Protection and RSPCA are asking for a minimum payment of £10.   The scheme is not means tested and is available to anyone who has a cat which isn't microchipped and neutered.

What do you need to do?!
Present your cat at our Coggeshall Branch, 30 West Road on Thursday 30th October, from 10.30am until 2pm

Note: Neutering vouchers are redeemed at our main site in Braintree, on Millennium Way.   You will need to book your cat's neutering operation date while you are at the event.

For further information click here.

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