Thank you for all you do!!!!   Owner of 6 Tonkinese cats who receive exceptional care from Millennium.

I have recently been made aware by a friend of mine of her having to change vets (nothing to do with Millennium).  This was despite vets being fantastic.  However the receptionists at this particular unnamed vets are rude, do not pass messages to vets and gatekeep with a vengeance!!  It just shows how a practice can fail thanks to a few individuals who should be the friendly empathetic face of the practice.
I am pleased to say that not only are the vets excellent at Millennium but so are the whole team, nurses, pharmacists and most importantly the reception/admin team!!

Mrs Phillips and Tonkinese cat family

To all at Millennium -  We thought you would like to see how well Sparkles is doing after her series of operations and lengthy treatment. Looking back at photos of her when she was in the midst of it, it's so clear how poorly she was. Now she is bright eyed, adventurous and quite mischievous! She and her brother Bluey were immediately delighted to be back together and are often cuddled up close, and both our little tripods are hopping around with no issues - climbing bridges, enjoying tunnels, and doing their best to escape whenever they can! 
 We can't thank you enough for all you did for Sparkles, and for being as determined as we were to try everything possible before admitting defeat. My two little girls are very proud of their strong, brave bunny and very grateful to the many vets and nurses who helped get her back to health. In fact my six year old has decided that she would like to be a vet and help other people's pets when she is older.  Thank you, The Karaolis family

The Karaolis Family with Sparkles (and Bluey!)

I have two Sphynx cats that are my absolute world. Every time I have had to take them to Millennium Way vets I have always been greeted by friendly, welcoming and caring staff. They make a fuss of my girls and I leave them knowing that they are in the safest hands. Very happy to have chosen this vet practice. Would highly recommend.

T Holdaway

We have a 17-year-old Devon Rex. He has had many health issues and complicated health difficulties going on for a couple of yrs. Laura Marshall has been his PA..... (sorry, vet! cat talk!), for a long time and has identified all his complicated health issues and found just the right medication for him! He is doing great. A brilliant vets. We have tried many but as fussy pet owners... Only perfect will do. Millennium has proven perfect!

Mrs Smith-Little

I have six Tonkinese cats and recently two of them, Ruby and Rioja have given me cause for concern. Annaliese has been treating both of them for Triaditis and urinary issues respectively and is without question the best vet I have ever known. She is friendly, approachable, brilliant with the cats and most importantly listens to the owner over and above what the ‘textbook’ says. She consistently goes above and beyond and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Always my first choice vet and the Tonks love her too! Thank you, Annaliese and Millennium for everything you do.

Mrs Phillips

We arrived at Millennium Vet Braintree when looking for a veterinary with oncologist services within. Thank God it was nothing related to cancer, but we were glad and thankful to vet Stephan who found out what Chovy was suffering from. The care and service provided to our wonderful dog and the explanation given to us gave us the confidence need it for us to continue with the treatment at this vet.


We would just like to say a thank you for looking after our Labrador so well when she had to come in for a recent eye operation. As always we and our dog received the very best service from everyone at the practice. A special thank you to Stefaan for all his concern and professionalism. Valerie and Paul (and our Lab of course!)

V Kiddell

I cannot express in words how much Lindsey means to me, after a long day, her personal life hectic beyond belief, still had time to allow me to say goodbye to a much-loved pet. I have had a serious accident and cannot walk. For Lindsey, it would have been simpler to put Dilly down to sleep. I will never be able to repay her for her outstanding professional caring generosity. A remarkable vet beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Totally outstanding thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sandra Blackwell

We have nothing but praise for all the vets and nurses we've seen over many years. Our 16 yr old Devon Rex is still going strong thanks to the dedication and passion of Laura Marshall Vet. He has a procedure booked for Tuesday - nervous, yes. Could he be in better hands... No way. Thank you all for past and future care. We've moved vets numerous times but have found the best!

T Smith-little

Would like to send sincere thanks to vet Rebekah for the support and dedication in helping us look after our diabetic cat Simba. Also, the nurses for their patience when clipping his claws.

C Hester

Puppy Preschool was good plus lots of information over the two sessions.  I would recommend this to give you valuable information on owning a puppy and helpful handouts to take away and read!

Paula Lewington with Ruby

We would really like to thank Robin Creighton and the team for looking after our elderly cat Oscar.  Robin has been amazing in that he has always returned our phone calls promptly when we have had a problem with Oscar. Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and sterling work that you all do!

Mrs Geraldine Loveday and Oscar

My wife and I would like to say that we enjoyed the puppy Playskool as we got some helpful tips on training our young Reggie. Dot and the other veterinary nurse made the evening entertaining and very informative. We all three are looking forward to the next evening. We would also like to thank all the staff involved.

Sue & Keith Webb with Reggie

Welcoming, clean, friendly staff makes the visit pleasurable when pets are in need and owners are fearing the worst for their beloved pets.


Excellent, love millennium vets.

D Howard

Thanks for always being there for us whenever we've needed you. When we finally adopted another cat, there was never any doubt about which vets we would register him at. Keep up the excellent work.

Mrs Bettis with Porter

My dog ROCKY developed the Spanish disease Leishmaniasis. I cannot thank ROBIN enough for all his skill and effort in containing this nasty parasite. Rocky is certainly a lot better for his treatment. I was extremely worried that he might not make a good recovery. Robin pulled out all stops. The practice is first class, you feel very confident that your pet will get the best treatment possible.

E Connelly

Wouldn't ever use any other practice! Highly pleased with your service.

Puppy Playskool was really helpful, and he (we!) loved the certificate and rosette! All the leaflets and information has been helpful too. Thank you.

Jo Holmes with Buddy

Wonderful, helpful and cheerful reception staff!

I was seen very quickly as it was an emergency appointment.  We were quickly seen by the vet after the nurse.

Tasha Lovegrove with Kodi Box

During your Puppy Playskool, I felt all my particular issues were covered - great fun!  Very informative, excellent value for money and listening to other people with the same problems helped.  I didn't feel I was the only one.  And low numbers of dogs meant more time for questions and answers.

Mrs Baker with Penny

Dear Lindsey and Team, Thank you so much for everything!  My leg is feeling so much better - I'm very happy without the cone on my head, and I'm enjoying my woodland walks once again.  Thank you for your care! 

Honey and Family!

When your pet is ill you need kind support and that is what we always get. Our cat recently had urinary trouble and he was diagnosed quickly and efficiently. We needed a form to be filled to help us to claim our pet insurance. It was returned to me the next day. We popped in this afternoon to pick up some food for our cat, all at reception showed professional care. We are grateful to all of you for what you do and the way you do it.

Mr R Sweetman

So far I have received very good service from the friendly staff, very helpful.


I cannot fault the service from the vets, especially Stefaan, who was absolutely brilliant with my last dog Benji who had lymphoma. The practice is a credit.

Mrs Connelly with Rocky

Given that we are soon to start Rabbit Awareness month, I would like to send a huge 'thank you' to you all, from my 3 lovely buns, Percy, Bandit and most recently Billy, for helping to keep them happy and healthy over the last few years! Xxx

Ann Griffiths and bunnies

We just wanted to write and thank you very much for the care you and your team gave to our dear Phoebe in her final months and in particular the sensitive and caring way you all dealt with her on her final visit.  It is of course the most horrible of times and always happens far too soon, but we have to say that having lost dogs in the past, the experience with Phoebe was by far the most dignified, supportive and sensitive we have had.  Thank you all very much.  We didn't get the name of the lovely receptionist who saw us in and gave us a seat and water, but please say a special thanks to her on our behalf.  We are at peace knowing that Phoebe didn't suffer but of course there is a huge hole in our hearts and home.  She will always be with us for course, as they all are. Best wishes.

Jane and Adrian Gibson

Puppy Playskool was very informative and gave me an opportunity to discuss issues with the nurses and other puppy owners.  I have definitely learnt new things and can see a change in my puppy since going!  The puppy graduate rosette was a lovely touch too!

Kerry with Teddy

We enjoyed puppy Playskool - you get to meet people going through the same but sometimes feel that puppy isn't doing as well as others. Do more of them, please!

Ms Schonenberger with Ringo

I have always received excellent service from your veterinary staff, which is why I now still travel 10 miles to you.

Mrs Steven and Nell

We would like to say thank you to absolutely everyone at the Millennium Vets Practice in Braintree; but in particular and especially Stefaan and his team - for the love, time, care, commitment, attention and medical assistance shown to our beautiful 'big fluffy bear' DUSTY. All of the staff here - from the reception desk to those working hard "behind the scenes" at this Veterinary Practice are absolutely phenomenal and have always given us nothing other than the best treatment, advice and reassurance on every occasion over the 15 years that we have had with our cat, who was our absolute world. He did have a few visits to the vets over the years what with one thing or another such as being hit and dragged by a car and having to have his leg drained and stitched; he was poorly with a kidney/bladder infection which they treated, not to mention other ailments like needing a cyst removed from just above his eye, de-clawing, de-matting because he was oh so fluffy; to name but a few. However, it is more the recent events since June this year that I wish to focus on, firstly when he was diagnosed with diabetes and needed insulin - which I administered twice a day to him - having been reassured after getting upset, that I would be brave and strong enough to do this at first, whilst being completely appraised of what we should expect to see as a result of this diagnosis, such as the increased to decreased thirst, walking on his back hocks instead of his paws which we didn't realise is a common symptom with diabetes, followed by a tumour which was discovered in his abdomen - (having taken him to the vets with what we would describe as appetite, toilet and thirst issues); and which was found to be impacting on his colon in July and needing chemo which Dusty responded amazingly well to initially but then unfortunately the following chemo did not work; and then finally and sadly kidney failure at the very end of August before falling asleep - which was extremely devastating. We always felt assured that our beautiful boy Dusty was always put first and we cannot fault them with anything. You are all truly an amazing team of people, and a real credit to yourselves, and your Practice as well as your customers. Be proud of what you do, and keep up the brilliant work because you really are first-class carers and anyone with a pet would be at a loss without you. We are so lost at home without Dusty here with us and naturally heartbroken, but you helped to make the 15 years that we did have with him, possible. Thank you. At some point in the future, we may consider another kitten and we will definitely be customers of yours again - the team we can fully trust and depend on. 

Joanne & John Jones

A lovely friendly welcoming practice, clean and pleasant surroundings, very helpful and supportive.  High level of knowledge and expertise.  I am reassured my dog is registered with MVP.

Miss Spalding with Ralph

Thank so much to the vet and nurse that came out to Panfield to put my mother's dog to sleep they were so caring and professional

Paul Pilgrim

Your practice is brilliant.  Staff are wonderful and couldn't be more happy and helpful. 

Julie Owen with Jack

Thank you for being cat friendly.

I recently lost my dog Benji. He developed lymphoma last year.  I cannot thank Stefaan enough for the kind treatment he gave to him in trying to save him. He is an amazing Vet. Also, I have to thank Robin for finding the cancer in the first place. His early diagnosis gave my dog a fighting chance. The Practice is absolutely FIRST CLASS.

E Connelly

Took my elderly dog for a check-up today...the vet Robin Creighton was brilliant.... he listened to me... check my dog thoroughly and made some suggestions... no judgements on my thoughts about the care and I was made to feel my opinions were valued... I left very reassured. The receptionists were pleasant and helpful... makes it so much easier when you know people care about animals as much as you do.

Miss Johnson with Molly

We had to have our old cat put to sleep this morning. Everyone at the practice was so very kind and thoughtful. Thank you for being so kind at a very difficult time.

L Casey

I am writing to thank you for allowing Haley to visit our Foundation Stage classes last week. The children absolutely loved having the hands-on experience and they also learnt a great deal about caring for animals and how to stay safe with dogs. It was great for the staff to see shy and nervous children be brave enough to stroke her dog 'AJ' and the tortoise (many have never seen one of these!). Please thank Haley for sharing her knowledge with the children.

Mrs Kate Yates, Foundation Stage Leader, John Ray Infant School

Millennium Vets were recommended by someone on the German Shepherd Rescue Elite Facebook Page.  My German Shepherd had become scared of the vet as my previous vet had no experience with large breed dogs.  Sadly, my dog fed off this.  We had a professional and thorough examination, with vet Laura Marshall and my dog left feeling less scared of the vets and I left a happy owner.  The reception staff also made a great fuss of my dog and it made the experience really pleasant.  We hope to see you soon but just for a routine appointment!

Mrs Prendergast with Fred

Very helpful and friendly place - I cannot thank the vets enough for what they have done to get my injured chicken back to normal.

I was so impressed with the knowledge and friendliness of Steph and Becky.  So glad we came, it gave me confidence in Charlie and using your vet practice

Charlie and his owner, puppy playskool graduate

My dog has just had a cruciate ligament op and I found the surgeon and all the staff to be extremely competent and professional. Millennium practice was recommended to me and I can see why. They are fantastic and couldn't be more helpful. Very nice people.

Miss Jater, orthopaedic referral from Grays

I have a Jack Russell, Bobbi, who is 16 and I was very worried about her. Robin was very helpful and put my mind at rest. Thanks for your help and I feel so much more at ease.

Mr Keeling with Bobbi

On behalf of Alec Hunter Academy, I would like to thank you for your generous sponsorship which helped towards a very successful Presentation Evening for our ex-Year 11 students.  We certainly enjoyed welcoming back this cohort, to share their success with them and to hear about their future aspirations.

Mrs Wright, Executive Assistant to Leadership Group

Our German Pointer was seen as an emergency after what seemed to be a form of fit. The vet was very helpful initially on the telephone and then gave me a prompt appointment.  Friendly and helpful service.

Ann Kisberg and pets

To the excellent vets and nurses at Millennium.  Thank you all very much for your care and advice and for taking such good care of George.  You all do such an important job and we really appreciate it.  Thanks also to the ladies at reception who are always so welcoming and helpful.

Winnington Family

I am very pleased with the service provided on my first visit to the vets.  The staff were very helpful and go the extra mile and its nice to see a separate waiting area for cats.

Hannah Rose with Buttons

We would like to thank you for your compassion and professionalism you showed us yesterday when we had to say goodbye to our dog Harper.  A special thank you to Stefaan and also the lovely receptionist who took our phone call, which was very hard to do.

Mrs McKinley

Just to say thank you for looking after Tula so when with her recent spaying.  This was our first visit to Millennium, having just changed over vets,  and I was so impressed with the whole team - reception, vet nurses etc. A special thanks to Anna - who I didn't meet but I understand carried out the procedure.  An extremely 'neat job' - Tula hardly even tried to lick the site and it all healed up beautifully.  (My only problem was keeping her contained and 'quiet' for 10 days - but wish we could recover from ops that quickly!!). Thanks again.

Jane Gibson with Tula

You all have been so helpful and understanding at a tie that was very stressful for me and my husband.  We really appreciate it.

The Gambrills with Jet

To everyone at the surgery - thank you very much for looking after Hudson when he had his surgery.

Alison, Teri and Hudson

To Robin and Staff. Thank you for letting me bring Biscuit along for his VHD2 injection, very much appreciated.  I was very impressed with the friendly and helpful staff.

Sandra Herniman and Biscuit

To Lindsey and all staff.  Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do for Kizi.  Fingers Crossed she will make a full recovery.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Dixons with Kizi

Thank you for taking such good care of Flint last Saturday.  He seems absolutely fine since having the barley spikes removed from his ear.  We had just walked through a field of barley when he started shaking his head.

Teresa Downs with Flint

Dear Annette and all the nurses!  Thank you for making me well again, my 'staff' are delighted!

From Rupert the Dog!

Just a little thank you ... thank you very much for the wonderful treatment and care given to our dog Rolo.  Best wishes to all the staff.

Liam and Susan Holden with Rolo

Dear Annette, Thank you for going above and beyond in your care for Millie.

Alison and Paul Grayson with Millie

We just wanted to say thank you to David Garrett, for making the emergency appointment at Cambridge Hospital for Harvey.  Harvey is miraculously recovering very well and it's so good to have him home.  With many thanks.

Maisie and Dave Franklin with Harvey

Dear Robin, We can't thank you enough for saving our lovely Ruby.  She is finally, really on the mend and wolfing her food again!  We really appreciate all of your time, concern and attention.  We know she couldn't possibly have been given better care.  Very many thanks.

Burton Family with Ruby

Thank you Annette for treating the badger we brought to you.  The total degloving wound on his jaw healed very nicely after your difficult surgery. Once we felt she was ready, we released her - on a beautiful evening close to where she was found.  The lady and little girl who found her and phoned our hotline were present to see her go.  The lady described it as a 'magical evening'.

North East Essex Badger Group

Thank you so much for a lovely open day last weekend.  Such a warm friendly atmosphere, lots going on for us to see, and a prize in the raffle too! Keep up the good work and thank you all for being there for us and our pets.  Its 40 years we have been clients so we wish you all many more years of 'Paws and Claws through your doors'!


I would like to pass on my sincere thanks for the wonderfully warm welcome that you gave to Sue and I and also Paul Farrow (standing in for Tony and Lesley), on the occasion of 50 years of 'The Practice'.  It gave me an immense amount of pleasure and pride to see what Tony and I started all those years ago, had developed into such a caring, progressive and flourishing practice.  Tony and I were very very privileged and so fortunate to have been associated with such wonderful colleagues, nurses, secretaries, receptionists and all.  With kind regards and best wishes.

Spencer and Sue Bayer

Thank you for donating a prize to be used at our Terling Primary School Summer Fete.  The money raised at the school fete plays an important role in the funding of the school.  We will use the money to update the school library, which will benefit all the children and is greatly appreciated.

I would like to say what a great vet Stefaan is - kind, considerate and caring, nothing is too much trouble for him.  He has been wonderful with my cat Thomas who has tummy trouble. We just want to thank him for all he has done, we could not wish for a better vet.

Mrs Smart, Head Teacher & Mrs Meares PTA