We welcome new clients to register with Millennium and any of our existing clients who have a new pet.  New clients with dogs and/or cats need to sign each pet to our MVP care plan as a condition of registration, for a minimum of 12 months.   For further information please click here.  This is not the case with other species.  If you have more than one pet please click on ADD PET and complete their details.  You can add up to 4 pets.   This form needs to be completed in full.  If you have any additional comments, please use the boxes provided.  Click on the SUBMIT button to complete your registration details.   PLEASE NOTE: Registration is not instance and needs to be processed by our admin team.  This will take a minimum of 2 working days.  If you have an emergency or require an appointment sooner please do so with your existing veterinary practice.

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*If your pet has been registered with another vet, we ask that you contact them direct to give consent and ask them to send your pets’ details to us, using reception@millenniumvets.co.uk email address.
Delay in receiving your pets’ history will delay their registration with us.

MVP Care Plan

If you have selected the annual fee, you will be contacted before registration is finalised.

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Please note, we do not share any client data and any marketing is through us and related to your pet's health

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This includes practice updates and information specific to your pet/s. This includes appointment, vaccination, health checks and medication reminders. If you do not tick these box/s you will not receive any reminders for your pets

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††This includes practice updates and information specific to your pet/s and are not shared by 3rd parties