Owners of pets travelling under PET Passports who travel to Europe should be aware, the UK pet passports are no longer be valid. This is as a result of the government deciding that the UK will have ‘part2’ listed status for pets travelling to the EU since 1st January 2021.

Instead of the old PET passport, any animal travelling to Northern Ireland or the EU from the UK will need to be issued with an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) by one of our official vets: Robin Creighton, Rebekah Robinson or Louise Pickett.  An AHC is required within 10 days of travel.  Pets must have had a rabies vaccination at least 21 days before the date of their AHC consultation, (blood tests are no longer required).

For outward travel the AHC is only valid for 10 days after the date of issue. For entry into the EU, they cannot be issued to you more than 10 days before you travel. Onward travel is permitted within the EU for 4 months after the date of issue as long as your pet’s rabies vaccine remains valid. You can re-enter the UK for 4 months after the date of issue.

Animals younger than 12 weeks of age are not permitted to be exported.
Certification requires 45 minute appointments with on of our 'LVI' approved vets.  Please bear this in mind when ringing to book an appointment.  For the full Animal Health Certificate details and what you need to do, click here.

For further general information visit the DEFRA website click here