Thank you for choosing to book your appointment online, this facility is only for existing clients. THIS CAN BE USED TO BOOK APPOINTMENTS WEDNESDAY - SATURDAY.  If you need an appointment on Monday or Tuesday, please use our online chat at the bottom of this page or ring 01376 325511.

If you have used this booking method before please login as a 'RETURNING USER'.  If you have forgotten your password please use the reset button.
If you have not used this online booking page before please go to 'NEW ONLINE USER' and register your account - use the same contact details you have registered with us.  Once you have found your / pet's details go ahead and set up your login details and password.    

You will receive text and email confirmation once you have booked your appointment.

 For more information on the pet’s we treat, click here.  Otherwise, before booking your appointment please read the following information.  
If your pet’s appointment is for any of the specific reasons listed below please DO NOT book online, but use our online chat facility or ring 01376 325511.  If you are booking more than one pet, each pet must have their own appointment slot.  
  • If you are isolating or have/are living with someone who has tested +ive with covid-19 in the last 10 days
  • Your pet is in need or urgent or emergency care
  • Need an appointment with a specific vet
  • All nurse appointments (this includes laser treatment, routine post-op checks and 2nd vaccinations if one of our vets have already seen your pet and given the first vaccination.)
  • Have been informed your pet needs a double appointment
  • Pet Health Certificates for travelling abroad
  • Second opinion consultation
  • Referral consultation
  • Behaviour support
  • Blood test or Blood Pressure Assessment
  • Grooming needs
Otherwise please move to the bottom of this page and book your appointment.
 If you wish to cancel your appointment please contact us direct.  Email; use our online live chat facility or ring 01376 325511.  Thank you.