To order your pet's repeat prescription please contact us through Petsapp use our prescription and food orders online order form at the bottom of this page.  Alternately you can email us:

PLEASE NOTE WHEN USING OUR ONLINE ORDERING FORM: Once you have submitted your order a light green banner with the words 'Your prescription request was successfully sent' will appear at the top of this page.
Email and website orders are checked and processed on weekdays.  Please allow 2 working days for your order to be processed. If you have any urgent queries, please call us direct on Tel: 01376 325511 and select option 3.   Payment is required before your items are collected.  If you are claiming for medication or food, through your pet's insurance, please let us know as payment may still be required before collection.

In accordance with RCVS regulations, all pets receiving prescription medicines must be regularly re-examined by a vet.  The policy of this practice is to re-assess any patient receiving long term medication, every 6 months.  In some cases and depending on the patient's condition and type of medication, a shorter interval will be required.  You will be advised when your next review appointment is due. There is a reduced fee** for repeat prescription re-examinations, £49.00 inclusive of VAT.   For antimicrobial medicines (includes antibiotics), pets' are required to have a veterinary examination before re-dispensing each antibiotic course, we are no longer able to dispense these medicines based on past clinical history.   For further information, click here.

Legislation requires that, a vet examination is also required for most effective parasiticide medications (against fleas / ticks and worms), to authorise these medications for the following 12 months.  Where the product choice is changed, another examination will be necessary.  For further information, click here.  These requirements can be authorised at any consultation with a veterinary surgeon, e..g at the time of annual vaccination.  Where these types of medications are not classified as veterinary prescription (POM-V / NFA-VPS), alternatives can be dispensed by our nursing staff.

** If your pet is signed up to our monthly MVP Care Plan, the inclusive 6 month veterinary examination can be used for their prescription re-examination (if this falls at the same time) at no extra cost to you. This can be taken 5 - 7 months after you pet's annual vaccination.  All MVP Care Plan pets receive 25% off the cost of long-term medications.  To find out more please contact us.

Please note: Due to the restrictions on returning products to our wholesalers and space to store stock, we request that your pet’s food is collected within 7 days of placing your order. If you change your mind after ordering, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid being charged for unopened food. Please do so within the 7 days of ordering. Returned food should be in the condition it was sold. 

Any medication not collected will be returned to stock after 2 weeks have lapsed.

Hills and Royal Canin offer a 100% money back guarantee on all their foods. In this instance please return your pet’s food to us (opened and unopened food) as soon as possible so we can make a refund claim on your behalf.

Written Prescriptions:
Please allow 2 working days for written prescriptions.  For full details regarding written prescriptions, click here.
MVP returns policy for medicines and written prescriptions:
Please be aware that under the UK's VETERINARY MEDICINES REGULATIONS it is illegal for us to use or resell medicines that have left our premises. We regret that this means we cannot accept returned medications (even unopened) except for disposal and, therefore, we cannot offer you any refund of the purchase price. 

A Written Prescription can not be refunded once processed and sent.

Your pets medication:
Need to find out more about the medication your pet is taking?  All UK licenced prescription drugs can be found on the Product Information Database.  Enter the product name in the search bar, click here.