We are a silver status Cat Friendly Clinic under the International Cat Care's practice accreditation scheme.  This means we provide veterinary care which is more specific to members of your feline family.

We hold Cat Only Clinics each week; have members of staff dedicated to running and improving our feline services;  have a quiet feline only ward for our patients and a number of members of staff across the team, either in training or trained as Cat Advocates.

Feline Friendly Staff

Vet, Elsje Probert (click here) and Registered Veterinary Nurse, Emma Mead (click here) and Abi Thompson (click here) are all passionate about feline veterinary care, health and welfare and focus on building on our high standards of care to provide even better care for our feline patients and importantly supporting their owners.  Elsje is currently working towards her General Practitioner Certificate in Feline Practice and Emma holds the ISFM Feline Nursing Diploma.

Our whole MVP team support them in their quest, including Vet Laura Marshall (click here) who is our Small Animal Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Dot Green (click here), another of our registered nurses who has further behaviour qualifications including, the ESVPS Nurse Certificate in Animal Behaviour.

Our Cat Only Clinic

We run a Cat Only Clinic appointment sessions.  Our cat only vet appointment sessions are on a Tuesday mornings and our nurse sessions on a Thursday morning - both at Braintree.

We encourage all our cat clients to consider booking into this special clinic.  We find that the whole experience is less stressful for you and your cat.  Ring us or drive to the Cabin to let us know you have arrived for your appointment and simply wait in your car by the rear of the practice.  You will be invited into Emma's Room, through its back door entrance.

This means your cat will not have to go through the vets waiting room experience! 

During regular consulting times we will direct you to wait in our segregated cat waiting area. It's less stressful in there but we can reduce the smell, sound and sight of other cats and dogs while they wait.

The usual waiting room experience is stressful for your cat, especially when confined to their cat basket with no-where to run or properly hide.  As a result their anxiety level rises which makes any interaction, handling and examination more difficult for them when they reach the consult room.  We recognise that cats are very good at hiding their emotions and a very quite, still cat can be feeling just as stressed as the cat who is outwardly unhappy.  However they present, we want to help reduce their stress wherever we can.

Another benefit of our Cat Only Clinic, is the ability to do more in one consulting session.  Quite simply if we have a quieter environment, a more relaxed cat with time to take a break as the cat requires - we can get more done!  If, for example, your cat requires blood pressure monitoring or blood samples, we are more likely able to do this during your time at the clinic rather than come back another day.

Feline veterinary care, health & welfare advice

Finding trusted online resources can be difficult.  We are here for you if you need any advice on the care, health or welfare of your cat.

Visit our MVP pages for Cat and Kitten advice - take a look! click here

We recommend you choose these sites when looking for further feline information:

And finally why not become a member of Cats Protection and receive their quarterly 'The Cat' magazine, packed with news and in-depth articles all about your feline friends! cats.org.uk/support-us/membership
And while you are joining up why not consider doing a cat course!  Free with the Cats Protection - cats.org.uk/help-and-advice/online-learning

Our CAT ONLY CLINICS are part of our commitment to our feline patients as part of our silver, Cat Friendly Status Clinic. For more information about the scheme please visit their dedicated website which accredit Feline practices across the globe: https://catfriendlyclinic.org