Accessing Veterinary Care

The full range of veterinary services is available to all clients registered at Millennium. 
New Clients
We are currently closed to new client registrations and operate a waiting list.  Registering your interest needs to be completed online - please follow this link, click here, go to the Register A Pet section and follow the instructions.  All new clients with dogs and cats are asked to join our MVP Care Plan as a condition of registration; we are unable to take new clients who don't wish to do this.  When space becomes available we will make contact with you.  Existing clients can register any new pets in the normal way.
Second Opinions
We accept second opinions from owners’ registered with a different practice if we can accommodate you.  Please contact us for our second opinion consultation fee.  We will need your pet’s history from your own vet in advance of your appointment, without it we will have to delay your visit to us.  
Please note: This does not automatically mean you will become a fully registered client if you would like to bring your pet/s to Millennium permanently, as we have a waiting list for new client registrations.
We accept referrals from other vets throughout Essex in the following disciplines: dermatology, oncology, orthopaedics, poultry medicine and soft tissue.  Our own registered clients also benefit from this service.  In most cases this means your pet can be cared for here in Braintree and you will not need to travel to another referral centre.  We are fortunate that we have access to visiting RCVS Specialists in Cardiology, Internal Medicine and Ophthalmology.   At the end of treatment, patients are then discharged back to their own vet if they have been referred to us.
There are however some cases that need referral to a Specialist Centre.  The centres we use include: The Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, Cambridge; Dick White Referrals near Cambridge and The Queen Mother Hospital, Potters Bar.  We will assist you with this referral process.

Moving to a different practice

If you are moving to a different practice, please give your new practice consent for them to contact us.  We will then forward your pet/s history.  We advise against using us and your new practice for both your pet/s routine and emergency veterinary treatment.  This breaks the continuity of care which is needed for your pet/s and can affect both treatment and recovery.  We recommend you are aware of your new practice’s out of hours emergency provision before you move from us. 
If you wish to discuss veterinary provision at Millennium, before you give a different veterinary practice consent to have your pets’ records, please contact us.   If however, we receive a request from another veterinary practice in the local area which is not for a second opinion, we will take this as being your decision to leave us.   
If you wish to move back to us at a later date, then please follow the new client application process.  

Emergency Care

We have a duty of care to the pets’ registered with us.  Emergencies are seen at our Braintree site and will take priority during our opening hours.  Outside of this you will be automatically transferred to the Vets Now Emergency Service**, when you ring 01376 325511.  For more information click here.  
If you are registered with a different veterinary practice we will advise you to contact your own vets.  
It is our duty of care to provide emergency first aid and pain relief to animals according to our skills and the specific situation. 

** If for unforeseen circumstances our phone lines do not divert you through to Vets Now automatically - please ring Vets Now Emergency Service direct - 01376 617076 or visit

Pharmacy Protocols

We have protocols in place to ensure compliance with legislation.
In accordance with RCVS regulations, all pets receiving prescription medicines must be regularly re-examined by a vet.  The general policy of this practice is to re-assess any patient receiving long term medication, as a minimum requirement, every 6 months.  In some cases and depending on the patient's condition and type of medication, a shorter interval will be required.  You will be advised when your next review appointment is due. There is a reduced fee for repeat prescription re-examinations.  If your pet is on our MVP Care Plan, you can use their mid-year health examination, if this coincides with a repeat prescription check consultation.

Please be aware that under the UK's VETERINARY MEDICINES REGULATIONS it is illegal for us to use or resell medicines that have left our premises. We regret that this means we cannot accept returned medications (even unopened) except for disposal and, therefore, we cannot offer you any refund of the purchase price.

Please note we require 48 hrs notice (week days) to process repeat prescriptions and food orders.  We accept drug and food orders though our online ordering page or direct email - [email protected]  For more details visit our pharmacy ordering page click here.

MVP Care Plans

Our MVP Care Plans are designed to help with your pet's routine preventative healthcare needs, such as vaccination and parasite treatments at a significant saving.  The plan has two payment choices: an annual payment which is renewable each year or as a monthly direct debit 12 month contract.  For full details of the MVP Care Plan, including benefits, savings, fees and our MVP Care Plan terms and conditions click here.

MVP Reminders

We send communications to our clients to remind you of a number of schedules for your pets' preventative health.  This may come as an email or text message.  We also send out text reminders for up and coming appointments, including those made over the phone and via our online booking facility.  These reminders require your mobile phone number and email addresses to be correct.   

This is a complimentary automated service and we can't take responsibility for reminders not reaching you.  We encourage all clients to record their own reminders, in particular vaccination due dates.  Vaccines which are overdue will need a restart, which will incur a further charge.

If you have booked an appointment over the phone or through our online chat, you will receive a text message on the day before your appointment.  Appointments made online, activate an immediate text message then email with confirmation.  


We provide estimates for any treatment that has been advised for your pet. Please be aware that estimates are not intended to give an exact figure for the proposed treatment. A full assessment of the extent and nature of the problem may not be possible until the patient is sedated or anaesthetised, and sometimes not until the procedure is under way.
You should view the estimate only as an indication of approximate cost, bearing in mind that the final figure may be significantly higher, or sometimes lower. If we judge that the procedure is likely to exceed the estimate by more than 25%, we will do our best to contact you and discuss what you would like to do. On rare occasions it may be necessary, for the patient's safety, to make immediate decisions on treatment without reference to you. We ask for your understanding in this unlikely event.


Our fees are payable in full at the time of consultation or, where in-patient treatment is involved, before your pet is collected from the practice. This will apply to both insured and uninsured patients. 
If you are claiming under insurance, contact your company before treatment commences so pre-authorisation can be given.  In the event of an emergency, we advise you make contact at the earliest opportunity.   
We accept most forms of payment including cash, debit card and most major credit cards. 
All our invoices are itemised and a receipt will be emailed to you after payment is made.

Overdue invoices

We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue invoices, commencing 28 days from the original invoice date until the date payment is made.

Withdrawal of service

Our aim is always to build a professional relationship with our clients which is built on trust.  We reserve the right to withdraw our services if we feel this trust is broken and a way forward can not be found.  We also reserve the right to cease work on your behalf if fees remain outstanding.  Withdrawal of services is done so at our discretion.  We give 14 days notice to find an alternative veterinary practice and will send a letter confirming and outlining the withdrawal of services. 

Recording our calls

All our calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Polite Notice

All our members of staff value a good working relationship with our clients.  Please note that management will not tolerate rude or abusive behaviour towards our staff.  This may result in withdrawal of our services.  

Comments, questions or complaints

We all like to know when we've done well. We welcome online reviews e.g. via independent sites such as Vet Help Direct or Facebook. If you are particularly pleased with how any of our staff have looked after you or your pet, do please let our practice manager or one of the Directors know. We are always open to suggestions for improvements, too.
While we hope that our service does not give you cause for complaint, there may be times when we fall short of your expectations. We have found that a careful discussion of the problem can often lead to improvements in the care we provide and so we genuinely encourage you to let one of the senior staff know if you are not satisfied.