Our service

We provide a referral service in dermatology, oncology, soft tissue and orthopaedics.  This service is available to registered and non-registered clients.  Your pet will need to be referred to us by your own veterinary surgeon, if you are not currently registered with us.  We require information from your vet, including your pet's clinical history and any imaging or laboratory results that have been taken.  Your vet will inform us of what your pet's needs are and why they are being referred to us.

We will then contact you directly to explain the Millennium Referral process and book your initial consultation.  You will be advised of the consultation fee, which is payable at the time of your appointment.  If further investigations and procedures are planned, the vet will give you an estimate of the fees.  Please refer to our terms and conditions, click here

Where your pet's condition allows, we will try to do the initial consultation, investigations and procedure together.  Many of our patients are also discharged on the same day, meaning less travelling for you and your pet.

Our facilities

As an independent first opinion and veterinary referral centre we have the facilities and experienced staff to offer next level care at first opinion prices.  We have an onsite laboratory, CT-scanner, radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, a surgical suite and full hospitalisation facilities which includes separate dog, cat and isolation wards.  Our dedicated team are experienced in treating and nursing a wide variety of patients and conditions.  Your pet's comfort and welfare comes first - keeping them warm, giving TLC, keeping any pain or discomfort well managed and with the principle aim of returning them home as soon as possible.  We will ensure you have all the information you need to continue caring for your pet at home. 

Please note, our vets are not specialists but are advanced practitioners.  If you wish referral to a specialist please discuss this with your own vet.

Our Fees

Depending on the procedure estimates will be given at the time of your initial consultation.  Estimates can also be requested by your vet ahead of time.

We offer fixed fees for standard orthopaedic procedures. 

Follow up appointments

Most procedures do require some follow up appointments.  Each patient has different needs, but you will be advised what follow up appointments are needed and if any additional fees are payable.  In general our fixed fee procedures include the cost of follow up appointments.

Pet Insurance and payment terms

If your pet is insured we will work with you to find out what level of insurance cover your pet has and if a direct claim is possible.  Direct claims can only be processed where authorisation by your company and us, are given.  This needs to be confirmed in writing, before the procedure is underway.   Where your policy covers the full cost of the procedure, you will only need to pay the policy excess and any associated co-payments on the day of the procedure.  This however is insurance company dependant.   For further information on our claims policy, click here.  

Waiting for confirmation from your insurance company may incur a delay in booking your pet's referral appointment, but usually this will be within 2-3 weeks of initial contact.  If your pet's procedure is more urgent, we will do what we can to speed this up. 

If you are not insured or you do not have insurance pre-authorisation, full payment is required on the day of the procedure.

Our referral admin team

Nurse Kayleigh and Emma co-ordinate our referral patients and are the initial point of contact.  Both are experienced veterinary nurses and can ensure you are fully informed before you and your pet visit us.  Please let us know if either you or your pet have any extra needs, e.g. if your pet is anxious.

On the day of your appointment, you will see the vet who is carrying out the procedure.  They will discuss your pet's needs in more detail and explain what investigations and/or treatments are needed.  If you choose not to go ahead at this time, only the initial consult fee is payable. 

Once you are booked in you will receive an email from us with the time and date of your appointment and our terms and conditions, please ensure you read these ahead of time.

Contact can be made by ringing us direct on 01376 325511 or emailing headnurse@millenniummvets.co.uk 

Please note referrals are only accepted through your veterinary surgeon and all treatment carried out is done so as a referred patient. Otherwise, please contact your own vet direct for all other veterinary care needs.   We do not register referred pets for primary care, until 12 months after they have been discharged.